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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm back !

Hey, guys! Oooopppsss! Seems like i'm being so rude to start my entry without greeting readers :) #bigsorry. Assalamualaikum guys! Yeah, it looks better, huh? *lol. Right now i am super duper sleepy but my fingers keep on dancing on the keyboard. Oh my, there's sooo many things that i'd love to tell but i don't think i can finish it tonight. Okay, just continue with the babbling bla.. bla.. bla.. i wonder what am i doing in August till i don't have space to update my blog. Am i being sooo busy? Hmm, i wonder.. *refresh my mind... Aha! Gotcha! Now i remember all things that i've to settle up in August. Well, as usual always busy with assignment, presentation and so on.. Then, busy shopping for the Hari Raya. Hmm, i spent a lot this year for Hari Raya.. Well, i guess it's worth because i spent it for my BIG family :) Then, getting busy with those assignment that have to be submit before the Hari Raya. Then, enjoy my Hari Raya without assignment! HEAVEN~ no! There's still three more assignment that have to be submit after the Hari Raya okay, so no need to be soo very happy. *lol.. Oh my, oh my, oh my.. Now, i'm supposed to sit in front laptop screen and doing my assignment. And just now, i'm updating my lovely little blog. So what, i really miss my sweet lil simple BLOG okay? Haha. Times up dear. My eyes can't be open right now. Till we meet again > next entry :)

p/s: tetiba mood nak buat entry omputeh malam ni.. heheh.. kau hado????


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